Why We Love Our Doggos

Why We Love Our Doggos

Why We Love Our Doggos

So, for all the people who are still living in a dilemma, what does doggo mean? Doggo is Australian slang for the dog. In Australia, people have this tendency to give cute names to their pets. Nowadays, it's doggo, which is quite dominating our social media feeds. So in simple words, we can say it's a better term to represent a bigger version of a "pupper." Internet users love to use images of doggo to represent characteristics of other people like loyalty and good manners.

During this pandemic, we have come across, spending a considerable amount of time with our dogs. Whether posting cute pics with them or watching TV together, our pets have become our best friends. The internet has also left no stone unturned to prove that doggos are the kindest and most adorable angels in a four-legged furry body.

Why do we often prioritize our dogs over friends?

One of the best attributes of dogs is how well they understand you, just like your best friend. They can easily understand when we're a bit hyper or extremely happy. And the best part is they are so good at reading our minds through our actions or body movements and even from the tone of our voice.   

Do you also love your doggo as I do?

We should not underrate our love for our pets. I adore him like a child. He is certainly the best thing that ever happened in my life. Every day I try a number of things to make him happy. Sometimes, it can be a little tricky to show your doggo how much you love him. Hugging is considered to be the best way for humans to show love and affection. However, we all know most of the dogs are not so friendly with the hugs. 

A Scared Doggo

So for these kinds of dogs, we must know that they may not enjoy being hugged, but they love human touch, and by that, I mean they love being cuddled. They love close contact that makes them feel secure. Allowing them to use your couch to sleep is an ultimate display of affection. He will surely get your message and will extend his paw to praise you.

Here's a quick tip to make your furry-friend happy

As we all know, playtime, treats, dog parks, toys, etc. can bring joy to life. But still, we often find it difficult to make our dog happy. But we should also remember that like us; dogs too find it monotonous playing with the same toys every time. I will not ask you to buy toys every month. Just use the existing ones in rotation. If this doesn't work, then cuddling and petting your furry friend go way longer.

Does your dog know how much you love him?

The answer is yes, he knows. The way our dog stares at us is their way of showing how much they love us. Most of the dog experts have discovered that we share oxytocin bonding with our dogs. When we stare at him, our oxytocin level goes up. It also happens when you pet them or play with them. Have you ever noticed him staring at you without any reason? Then he might be passionately asking you for a cuddle and want to "hug you with his eyes."

This is where our passion for doggos come from!

We can't stress enough how much we love doggos! That is why we've started up Build 'Em Pets to supply doggo lovers worldwide with awesome building kits of their favorite doggos. But that's not all. We've also decided, after a lot of awesome feedback, to add other pets in the mix as well! Now we're on a mission to create all kinds of realistic pet building kits for pet lovers all over!

We're constantly updating our collections and will even add new services soon!

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