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Our Story

Build ‘Em Pets started from a Dutch-based toy company’s passion to commemmorate two loving
pets– DJ and Beertje.

From the company’s original product, building bricks with a unique interlocking system and art, to producing fun building kits to create replicas of different dog and cat breeds.

The purpose is to make this beautiful and fun experience available for all pet lovers hoping to help show love and entertain.

That’s how Build ‘Em Pets was born– out of love, honoring our amazing pets!

Who are we

We Love Pets

The reason why Build ‘Em Pets was born is because of our love for our pets.

Unique Mementos

Something you don’t often see to represent our pets.

The Perfect Gift

A great gift to give your friends and family that they can enjoy building.

Fun and Creative

Easy, customizable, and fun to build kits that people of all ages will appreciate.


The company wants to spearhead the industry in creating and building kits dedicated to dogs, cats, and other animals.

Give people a fun and creative way to celebrate and commemorate pets.


To become the go-to brand for all animal lovers who want to build amazing unique pieces out of bricks.

Seeing pet lovers like you have fun and unleash creativity through the Build ‘Em Pet kits.


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