Can dogs eat pumpkin?

Can dogs eat pumpkin?

Can dogs eat pumpkin?

Can dogs eat pumpkin?

With the nip in the air comes the pumpkin season. From pumpkin pies to pumpkin latte, we love the warm glow of this nutritious vegetable. This is a bountiful storehouse of nutrients for us. We love to share our recipes and treat our friends during this season. Are you wondering if your dog can eat pumpkin?

The straightforward answer is ‘Yes.’ Your dog can and should eat pumpkin. It is an excellent source of natural fibre and vitamins that will be beneficial for him. There are umpteen products for our canine friends that contain pumpkin in some form. You will be able to see the difference in his health after a few weeks of regular feeding. 

The critical fact is that cooked pumpkin in a limited quantity is suitable for dogs. As with any other food, they should not eat the items with spices, salt, or sugars as these ingredients are harmful to them.

Many questions may be bothering you, here we have the answers for a few of them.


Can dogs eat pumpkin pie?

Though the pumpkin is suitable for dogs, they should not be served pumpkin pie - the reason being the added sugar and spices in the pie filling. 


Can dogs eat pumpkin puree?

Various readymade dog food items contain pumpkin puree. It is a perfectly safe alternative to a home-cooked pumpkin. The pumpkin puree can be quickly cooked at home, too, and mixed with their regular food. 


Can dogs eat raw pumpkin?

Yes, the dogs can eat raw pumpkin as it is also like any other fruit or vegetable. The only point is that it is a fibrous fruit with plenty of Vitamin A and Beta carotene. Most dogs can eat the fleshy part of the pumpkin without any side-effects. It would be best if you were careful.


Can dogs eat canned pumpkin?

Yes, canned pumpkin is an excellent alternative for a home-cooked pumpkin as it saves you the hard work. Do read the list of ingredients and label on the can. The pumpkin puree should be devoid of preservatives and any added spices etc. It should be as pure as possible.


Can puppies eat pumpkin?

Yes, even puppies can eat pumpkin in small amounts. Pumpkin puree can be used as an antidote for diarrhoea and upset stomach in puppies. You can use a canned or cooked puree of pumpkin. Puppies may not like to eat pumpkin alone. You can give them one or two tablespoons of pumpkin puree to treat indigestion or even as a routine treatment but not more. They have a delicate digestive system. 


Can dogs eat raw pumpkin seeds/ can dogs eat pumpkin seeds?

If you wonder if dogs can eat pumpkin seeds as well, then the answer is not simple. Dogs should not be given raw pumpkin seeds to eat. These are slimy with hard shells and may become choking hazards. The seeds should be cleaned, roasted, and peeled before being given to the dogs. Keep the amount moderate.  


Can a dog eat pumpkin cooked or raw skin/rind/outside of a pumpkin? 

The vet’s advice giving the fleshy part of fresh pumpkin, avoiding the skin as it is too tough to digest. The skin is hard and very fibrous. This is the reason it is difficult to digest and may lead to diarrhoea. 


Can dogs eat pumpkin stems?

No, the pumpkin stem is not edible and may lead to stomach abrasions. Again it is very fibrous and hard to digest. The stems may splinter inside the stomach.


Can dogs eat pumpkin brie or pumpkin bread?

Dogs can eat bread and brie- as long as it does not have spices and added sugar, dogs can eat pumpkin bread. If you have a specially made brie/bread for your pet, he can eat that; otherwise, do not give the store-bought bread and brie to your dog.


Can dogs eat pumpkin spice?

No, dogs should not be given pumpkin spice. The readymade mixes are not recommended as these may have different ingredients. Your dog may be allergic to some of these. 


Can dogs eat pumpkin seed shells?

The shell is hard and not edible, and therefore dogs cannot be given these shells. 


Some important points

As mentioned above, Pumpkin is an excellent source of natural vitamins for everybody, including your pets. It would be best if you gave only fresh, cooked, or canned pumpkin. It is also essential to introduce this superfood gradually and not all at once. Pumpkins, once cut, may start rotting soon. Therefore, proper storage of cut and cooked pumpkin is essential. 

Too much pumpkin means a lot of fibre, and that will lead to indigestion. Dogs must get the appropriate food that contains many different ingredients and nutrients. Pumpkin can be a small part of it as it is a nutrient-rich food, but too much of it will be toxic for their health. 

You can give your dog pumpkin every day. It is a simple alternative to give canned and market bought pumpkin puree to make it at home regularly. 



Some dogs may not like it and refuse to eat this vegetable. You can try to be innovative and add it to other food items. There are multiple recipes for dogs that contain pumpkin. Apart from the readymade canned varieties, you can easily make some treats for your dog at home. 

Feeding pumpkin is not so difficult. Remove the hard skin, chop some pieces, cook them without any flavoring. Allow to cool and mix a couple of spoons of this mashed vegetable to the regular food. Depending on the weight of the dog, you can slowly increase the quantity. 

Pumpkins can be mixed with oatmeal/flour to make cookies also. It is a great alternative to hydrate the food with water. You can also make pumpkin biscuits without eggs or flour. 



Pumpkin is not bad for dogs, as it is considered a superfood. Start slowly and ensure that your dog is not allergic to pumpkin. Moderation is the key. Give them cooked pumpkin along with other healthy foods. You will see a marked glow in their skin and improved overall vitality. 


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