St. Bernard

$94.99 Regular price $172.99

St. Bernard

$94.99 Regular price $172.99
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H: 7.2' (18.3cm)
W: 3.7' (9.4cm)
L: 9.8' (24.9cm)


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Normal & Large Size Has The Same Amount Of Bricks

Uses INLOCK Technology

Number Of Bricks: 980

Age range: 7+


Pick The Right Size

The difference between normal and large-sized kits is the size of the bricks. The brick count stays the same

Inlock - Sturdy & Strong

Our building kits are fall proof, thanks to our inlock technology!

Unique Home Decor Piece!

A true tribute for your furry friend that is sure to turn heads! A real conversation starter

The Perfect Gift

Creative pet lovers will love a building kit of their own pet! Whether it's a tribute to their pet that passed away or an awesome keepsake for display at home. It's bound to be the perfect emotional gift

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lisa Ciccone

So much fun - very sturdy with interlocking bricks
will continue to buy more sets

sherry Lane
dog lego

i got the newfoundland dog and loved putting it together so i bought this saint for a good friend as a gift

Tony L.

A lifelong fan of Lego and Lego-inspired building sets, I was recently introduced to this line and was instantly impressed with the detail. My wife and I have rescued six Saint Bernards over the years, and we knew this kit would be a perfect addition to our home.

My previous experience with similar sets made the building process fairly smooth. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. However, the locking pegs after each level of bricks make for a more time-consuming process. Also, my set did not come with all the pegs outlined in the instructions. While I was able to use other pegs to compensate while not compromising the finished product, inexperienced builders may be confused by the missing pieces. Also, the instructions identify "dark grey" and "black" pieces, which are virtually indistinguishable.

These minor issues aside, I enjoyed the set and am considering ordering from the company again. Thank you.

Tamara E.

I was quite doubtful at first when I bought my dog ​​because I have never seen anything like this and did not see a picture in the reviews.
the delivery was very fast the pieces are small but very nice because this presents a challenge.
I am very happy with the end result and would like to share this.

Joke v.

Mooi spul, makelijk in gebruik.