Papillon Dog

$94.99 Regular price $172.99

Papillon Dog

$94.99 Regular price $172.99
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H: 8.2' (20.8cm)
W: 6.7' (17cm)
L: 9.6' (24.4cm)


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Normal & Large Size Has The Same Amount Of Bricks

Uses INLOCK Technology

Bricks and Instructions included

Number Of Bricks: 1180

Age range: 7+

Due to high demand, please expect possible delays!💜 

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- USA: 2-10 business days

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Pick The Right Size

The difference between normal and large-sized kits is the size of the bricks. The brick count stays the same

Build Your Very Own Papillon Dog

Designed to the detail to show your love and respect for Papillon Dog

Two Different Sizes

Pick a size that works best for display in your beautiful home!

Multiple Colors

Multiple colors to choose from. Want to personalize it further? Pick up a colored brick set and customize it at home!

A Build Of Epic Proportions

With over 1180 pieces, the Papillon Dog kit is a true challenge for dog fans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
I enjoyed this!

It took me over 2 years to get around to building this, but I had fun! The model sits on the mantle in the living room and is a nice tribute to my good boy. The only thing that frustrated me a little is the TON of rivet-pegs I had to deal with, and then one of the legs fell off right after I was done. Easy fix: stick it on and don't move the model much. I did buy an extra box of black bricks so I could make the model look more like my pup. Pics included!

Super cute dog!

We enjoyed building the papillon. It did become tedious at times because of the ilocking pegs. This is definitely an adult build.

Greg Oates
Great fun build

So much fun to build. Great directions. Take it nice and slow and it all fits together great. Enjoy.

Dave Lassam
Le Papillon

I got this for my partner. She breeds papillons. I put it together secretly and she found it when she got home from work.
I really enjoyed making it. It wasn’t easy, you have to concentrate but the winning thing is the locking mechanism. Very clever.
Thank you for your creativity. I’ve also completed a bearded collie and have two more breeds on order.

Carissa Alvarez
So much fun!

I had a blast with this! It turned out so cute and I ordered a different animal to put together. My dog approves too!