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$89.99 Regular price $163.99
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H: 9.8' (24.9cm)
W: 3.9' (9.9cm)
L: 15.5' (39.4cm)


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Normal & Large Size Has The Same Amount Of Bricks

Uses INLOCK Technology

Number Of Bricks: 940

Age range: 7+


Pick The Right Size

The difference between normal and large-sized kits is the size of the bricks. The brick count stays the same

Inlock - Sturdy & Strong

Our building kits are fall proof, thanks to our inlock technology!

Unique Home Decor Piece!

A true tribute for your furry friend that is sure to turn heads! A real conversation starter

The Perfect Gift

Creative pet lovers will love a building kit of their own pet! Whether it's a tribute to their pet that passed away or an awesome keepsake for display at home. It's bound to be the perfect emotional gift

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