German Shepherd

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Choose your size: NORMAL
Choose your color: Black and Tan

Shipping: 7-10 Work Days

Number Of Bricks: 1180

Age range: 7+

Average Build Time: 8–12 Hours

Bricks are made of recyclable plastic and packed in sustainable carton boxes

Personalize Your Pet Kit!

Create a personalized pet kit!

"Lots of fun to build!!! The instructions were weird to get used to at first but after you get started they are easy to follow!" - Julia S


No Glue Needed

Interlock bricks just like LEGO and lock them together with our screws and screwdriver.

This will keep your masterpiece intact!

Pick The Right Size

The difference between normal and large-sized kits is the size of the bricks. The brick count stays the same

Build Your Very Own German Shepherd

Designed to the detail to show your love and respect for German Shepherds

Two Different Sizes

Pick a size that works best for display in your beautiful home!

Multiple Colors

Three standard colors to choose from. Want to personalize it further? Pick up a colored brick set and customize it at home!

A Build Of Epic Proportions

With over 1180 pieces, the German Shepherd kit is a true challenge for dog fans.

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