Australian Cattle Dog

$94.99 Regular price $172.99

Australian Cattle Dog

$94.99 Regular price $172.99
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H: 10.6' (26.9cm)
W: 3.5' (8.8cm)
L: 9.4' (23.8cm)


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Normal & Large Size Has The Same Amount Of Bricks

Uses INLOCK Technology

Bricks and Instructions included

Number Of Bricks: 900

Age range: 7+

Due to high demand, please expect possible delays!💜 

Once your item/s is dispatched, the estimated delivery time is:

- USA: 2-10 business days

- UK: 7-18 business days

- Australia: 7-18 business days

- Europe: 7-18 business days

- Rest of world: 14-20 business days


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Pick The Right Size

The difference between normal and large-sized kits is the size of the bricks. The brick count stays the same

Build Your Very Own Australian Cattle Dog

Designed to the detail to show your love and respect for Australian Cattle Dog

Two Different Sizes

Pick a size that works best for display in your beautiful home!

Love for Cattle Dogs

Show Tribute to your favorite dog breed!. Want to personalize it further? Pick up a colored brick set and customize it at home!

A Build Of Epic Proportions

With over 900 pieces, the Australian Cattle Dog kit is a true challenge for dog fans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great product

Had a lot of fun building this, very happy with how it came out.
Many friends are interested in getting one too!

Megan Lake
German Shepherd/Blue Heeler

I made some alterations to customize to my pet but so happy with how the finished product turned out!

Charlotte N.

At first, I hesitated to get my dog ​​as a building kit because I could not find any reviews about this.

I'm glad I did because it looks great.

I am very relieved and therefore want to be the first to write a proud review about this great product.

Delivery is fast, customer service is excellent.