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Cute Doodle!

Great quality and pretty easy to assemble ! My doodle thinks she has a new playmate! 😀

Custom LEGO Kit
Gail Drucker
A rebuild

I have only the nicest things to say about this company. The first model they sent was a disaster. Without a second thought they sent me a new model and could not have been more accommodating. Questions answered almost immediately-

Sue Sandelin

I love these I have 3 now Husky Squirrel and Shitzu I wish I could get one in a hummingbird that would be awesome

Sehr cooles Geschenk für Bausteinfreunde

Zu unserem Hochzeitstag habe ich meinem Mann diesen Baustein-Hingucker geschenkt. Nachdem er super schnell geliefert wurde (nach Deutschland) wurden allerdings noch Zollgebühren für Fedex fällig, aber für so ein spezielles Geschenk ist das schon okay.
Gefreut hat er sich sehr und aufgebaut ist der schöne Kerl auch schon! Sieht wirklich super toll aus, ist qualitativ sauber verarbeitet, wirklich großartig.

Relaxing and fun!

My daughter loved building her mini puppy. She said it was relaxing. Directions were easy to follow. It’s very sturdy and super cute!

Whippet Dog
Our dog looks the same!!!

This is an amazing product! My son and I worked on it together for about a week! Would buy it again if we had another dog that looked just like it!

Sue Sandelin

I love it thank you for finding it for me now I need a hummingbird I added a box with nuts in it

great structure

Great instructions. It took about 8 hours to complete. It's not easy, so it probably would be too much for kids. But excellent for teens and adults.

Toy poodle

It's different from lego but amazingly detailed. The quality is good, the customer service is polite, and they answer all your questions. 10/10 !!

Dog & Cat Paintings
Beautiful Results

My husband built this Corgi portrait. It looks just like our dog. We are both very happy with the results.

Custom LEGO Kit
Joni Primas
Great Fun

This was so much fun to build! And when it was done, it was amazingly accurate. I liked it so much, I ordered two more.

Paula Bub
Perfect Gift

Ordered this for my daughter in Australia. Shipping did take longer than expected, but customer service was responsive and communication excellent. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. It took several hours to build, but as long as you check your work along the way before securing, it was easy to do it correctly.
The finished product was exactly as described. Would definitely order from this company again

Welsh Corgi

This is the second Corgi I am building. My first was a large tricolor standing Corgi. This one is a large seated red and white Corgi. I have not really started building yet, but as an experienced builder, I know the challenges. The directions are exact and one must be very observant to follow them exactly. The results are amazing. Each of these models was acquired in honor of a resident Corgi family member. Our tricolor Corgi died five months ago. Our red and white Corgi has been with us for six weeks.

Jack Russell Terrier
lisa brucciani

we thoroughly enjoyed building whiskey
We have done a few adult lego but find this more solid. Enjoyed it so much that we have ordered 3 more pieces.
We named him whiskey as our jack Russell is called chivas 😉
As there were extra pieces, we added them in at the end, made the tail longer, white eyes and extra pieces on top.

Fun project for my spouse

I got this for my boyfriend who’s dog is a husky/malamute. He does a lot of Lego builds.
He said it was well made, fun, and though the screwing feature was a little annoying it’s good for sturdiness to display it. It took him about 8 hours to complete. It’s a great match for the dog too!

Cartoon Pug
Greg Oates
Highlight of my dog display

This was a very fun dog to do. The very small bricks and such a tight fit make this the most durable of my dogs.

Australian Kelpie
Nikki Barry
Looks just like our little Prince

This took my 13 y/o son a couple of hours to put together and is really cute. Looks just like our best buddy!

Greg Oates
Graceful Looking On Bookshelf

Fun to put together. Nice and slow makes for a fantastic building brick project. As you are working through the instructions seeing it come together and become a great looking McCaw is part of what makes this project enjoyable.

Shih Tzu
Sue Sandelin

I love it thinking of getting another one

Custom LEGO Kit
Adrian Barreto
Worth every penny!

Best gift ever!! So fun to build and looks amazing when finished!!

Custom LEGO Kit
Caroline Chavez
In Honor of Lord Gunnar the Havanese

Our boy, Gunnar, was 16 in October of 2021 when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My son and Gunnar were best friends. I ordered my son a United Doggo as one of his Christmas presents. He said it was by far his best present. The resemblance created was so accurate and will be cherished for many years.

Came out nice. Took longer than expected

Item was shipped quickly and arrived in a nice box with all the parts and a few extra which was greatly appreciated. It is well made, sturdy and well designed. It took a little longer than I was expecting to assemble (around 12 hours). The pieces come all mixed up. It took some time to organize all of them. I would personally prefer the parts separated by size, color and shape. There is not much joy in organizing parts, at least to me.


We loved building this and enjoy having it by our pup!

Wire Haired Fox Terrier
Janis Steinhauser
Wonderful for kidults!

I did this with my 8.5 yr old granddaughter. We had a wonderful time watching “Roxy” develop. We both worked on this 50/50. It is not for someone who isn’t a “puzzler”. We had a few missteps where we had to redo part of the build. It is very challenging but so rewarding. While similar to legos it is very different in that you have to “lock down” each piece. I felt some of the directions could have been a little clearer. I did not overwhelm her and only worked in 30-40 min clips. I also sorted all the pieces which really helped. She was so proud of herself when we finished. I will be purchasing another “pet”! Love them. Ours came out perfectly.

Ellen Bickel
Love it!

More work than we expected but it turned out great!!


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