Ragdoll Cat

$129.95 Regular price $172.99
Choose your color: Grey/Milk
Choose your posture: Sitting

Number Of Bricks: 1680+

Age range: 10+

Average Build Time: 8–16 Hours

Personalize Your Pet Kit!

Create a personalized pet kit!

The world's 1st unbreakable building kit. Challenge your creativity and show love for your favorite monuments!


Multiple Postures & Colors

Over three different postures & four colors, with about 1600+ pieces

Show Your Cat Love!

Carefully recreated to the detail, so that you can build and display your favorite cat in your home or office!

Unique & Challenging

The Ragdoll Cat lets you showcase your creativity and add personality to your space. Display a heartfelt tribute to your favorite pet!

No Glue Needed

Interlock bricks just like LEGO and lock them together with our screws and screwdriver.

This will keep your masterpiece intact!

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