Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?

Yogurt is something you take a lot with your meals as it is recommended for your health and usually it’s a part of your meal. Dogs are naturally part of a dining table when you are eating meals, and you are accustomed to letting them have some of your food as you are eating.

Does your dog also bug you for some yogurt while you have it? You would naturally want to feed your dog with something this healthy, but doing that may seem like a risky task. Can he digest it? What type of yogurt can your dogs have? You would have many questions concerning your dog’s health. Let’s answer them one by one.

Q. Can dogs eat yogurt?

Yes, dogs can eat yogurt if they want to. It is not necessarily toxic to their health, but they might get trouble digesting it since yogurt contains lactose. Some canines have problems with lactose digestion, and some are completely intolerant to it. So consult your vet before giving your dog any yogurt treats.

Q. What kind of yogurt can dogs eat? Can dogs eat Greek yogurt?

The best kind of yogurt for your dog is plain Greek yogurt. Probiotics in their ingredients help your dog’s digestion. Artificial flavors or sweeteners can cause tooth decay, weight issues, or digestion problems. You can also try a low-fat version of Greek yogurt if you are concerned about your dog’s weight gain.

Q. Can dogs eat plain yogurt?

Dogs can eat plain yogurt. In fact, you should opt for plain Greek yogurt because it is healthy for your dog and their stomach. Dogs don’t need the sugars or additives that make the yogurt taste good, and it won’t be good for their health either. So dogs won’t mind the taste of plain Greek yogurt.

Q. Can dogs eat dogs’ probiotics yogurt?

Dogs can eat dogs’ probiotics yogurt very well. Probiotics in the yogurt help dogs with digestion and balance the good bacteria in their stomach. So, probiotics yogurt will be a healthy choice for your dog.

Q. Can dogs eat flavored yogurts like Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach, or Coconut?

Dogs can eat flavored yogurt if they are free from any sweeteners, natural or artificial. If it is not a question of ‘can’ but ‘should’, then it is not really recommended to feed them any flavored yogurt, be it strawberry, vanilla, coconut, or any other flavor. They are full of artificial contents like Xylitol that can be toxic to your dog. You can offer it as a rare treat, or better opt for an alternative like plain yogurt with fresh strawberries or peaches on the top.

Q. Can dogs eat natural yogurt?

Dogs can eat natural yogurt as well as any other yogurt you give them. A spoon or two when you are eating it yourself wouldn’t hurt them if it’s only once a month or so. Just keep the sweeteners like Xylitol away from them as they can be toxic to a dog, or Greek yogurt is always there for you if you want a healthy yogurt choice for your dog.

Q. Can I give my dog yogurt every day?

Yes, dogs can eat yogurt every day. If you make yogurt part of their diet, like mixing it with their food or giving them as a treat in different forms, just check the amount you add. Do not feed him more than two or three spoons as it can make their bowel movements too frequent. If you see any changes in their bowels, cut back on the daily yogurt dose you give them.

Q. Can puppies eat yogurt?

Puppies can eat yogurt too, just like adult dogs. Just remember to contact your veterinarian before adding yogurt to his diet. Sometimes, they may advise you to add it in small amounts, like a spoon or half with regular food, to aid their digestion. If your puppy reacts badly to yogurt, you may consider cutting it altogether.

Yogurt and dog health:

The most important question of all is your dog’s health. Is it really healthy to feed yogurt to your dog every day? We’ll address all possible health questions you may have in your mind regarding your dog.

Q. Is yogurt good for dogs? (Is Greek yogurt good for dogs?)

Yogurt is good for dogs if they are not lactose intolerant. Since all dairy products are rich in lactose, your dog’s allergy may worsen with eating yogurt. If he is clear there, then you can feed him yogurt every day without hesitation. Yogurt has many health benefits, just like in humans.

Calcium, proteins, and probiotics are the main contents of a yogurt. Probiotics help your dog with digestion, and if he is on any antibiotics, it might be even better if he has yogurt after his medication as Greek yogurt balances the helpful bacteria in the stomach while the body fights with infection. Yogurt can also be a protein replacement if your dog is allergic to meat.

Just keep the amount in check. The fat content of the yogurt you use should also be in balance to prevent diarrhea, vomit, or other stomach issues. The rest is good.

Q. Can dogs have yogurt for diarrhea?

Dogs can have yogurt for diarrhea in moderate amounts. Just a spoon or half of the plain Greek yogurt with their meal can help them ease their stomach. Too much yogurt, on the other hand, can cause even more indigestion or gas. Try adding white rice to your dog’s diet instead of yogurt if he has diarrhea.

Q. What yogurt is good for dogs?

Plain Greek yogurt is good for dogs, even the best yogurt choice. It does not contain any artificial contents to hurt his stomach. It is also rich in live and active cultures in Greek yogurt can increase and aid the helpful bacteria in the gut for easy passage of bowels. As for the taste, dogs don’t mind the bad taste of Greek yogurt as long as it feels good on the tongue.

Best Yogurt Recipes for Dogs:

Adding yogurt to regular meals is an easy task, but the more fun way to do it is to add yogurt as a treat. How can you add yogurt as a treat to your dog’s diet? Here are some of the healthy Greek yogurt recipes for your dog as treats:

Frozen Bites:

Shape your Greek yogurt into small balls or dollops with the help of a squeeze bottle. Keep it frozen in a container until you need to feed them to your dog. They can be the easiest dog treats for training time.

Dog Treats:

If your dog does not like usual store-bought treats anymore, why not make them fun with a bit of yogurt?


  • ½ cup of Greek yogurt
  • ½ cup tapioca flour
  • 2-3 teaspoons of milk
  • Natural flavorings, like fruit extract or syrup
  • Food colors of your choice


Mix all ingredients to make a paste and apply them to the dog treats with a spatula or by dripping it on the treats. Spread them in a tray to dry. Your brand new version of treats is ready.

Blueberry Treats:

If you want to introduce flavors into the plain yogurt of your dog, this can be the best and healthy way to do it.


  • ½ Cup Blueberries or Strawberries (whichever flavor you want)
  • ½ Cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 1-2 Mint leaves
  • Honey as a sweetener if you want


Crush the berries and add them to the plain yogurt in the bowl along with honey. Mix them well. Assemble the treat in a pot such that you put sliced berries in the base and cover it with the mixed yogurt. Keep assembling until the pot is full. Garnish it with a few slices of berries, and you are done. Your dog is going to love it when he eats.

Banana Bites:

You can also add banana as a flavor to yogurt.


  • 32 oz. Greek yogurt
  • 1 sliced banana
  • 3 tablespoons peanut butter


Blend all the ingredients together until they are consistent. Add the mixture into ice cubes trays to freeze them for two hours. Your dog treats are ready. You can also freeze them in the fun trays for more amazing shapes.

Yogurt is usually not part of the usual meals of a dog. Still, as a parent, if you want to introduce it to your dog’s diet to make it more fun for him, there is so much variety out there for you to have it in a fun way. If you keep the amount of yogurt in check and your dog is not allergic to its contents, you can enjoy your daily yogurt with your dog. No need to hide it from him or scold him for asking for some when you are having it. Keep loving your dog and having fun with him in a healthy way.

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