Yorkshire Terrier

$109.95 Regular price $138.95
Choose your size: NORMAL

Shipping: 7-10 Work Days

Number Of Bricks: 800

Age range: 7+

Average Build Time: 8–12 Hours

Bricks are made of recyclable plastic and packed in sustainable carton boxes

Personalize Your Pet Kit!

Create a personalized pet kit!


No Glue Needed

Interlock bricks just like LEGO and lock them together with our screws and screwdriver.

This will keep your masterpiece intact!

Pick The Right Size

The difference between normal and large-sized kits is the size of the bricks. The brick count stays the same

Build Your Very Own Yorkshire Terrier

Designed to the detail to show your love and respect for Yorkshire Terrier

Two Different Sizes

Pick a size that works best for display in your beautiful home!

Unique Collectible

Three standard colors to choose from. Want to personalize it further? Pick up a colored brick set and customize it at home!

A Build Of Epic Proportions

Display your love for Yorkies by tributing it in your home!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Fantastic Gift!

Gave it to my nephews after they lost their dog. They now display it in tribute!

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Katie Roll
Did not receive

I contacted united doggos multiple times to which they stated contact the post office. The post office deferred me back to united doggos. This is a never ending circle of hell. Just wanted this for my daughter for Christmas, to which I paid extra to have delivered sooner, and they stated it was being delivered on 12/31

>> replied:

Hello Katie,

We're a bit confused about why you're framing the story in this way.
You asked us where your package was on January 1st, and we told you that your package had been delivered according to USPS tracking number, and if it was not delivered to your address (meaning USPS has delivered it to the wrong address), you need to contact USPS about where they have left your package, as we cannot directly help you in that particular situation.

We can only contact postal services for investigations, and we could've started that if you had updated us about USPS's response.

There have also been no extra payments made for express deliveries.

We felt like this needed to be clarified, as our support team is always ready and responsive to visitors and customers that have questions or require help.

We're still available to help anytime.


Delivery was fast and making the building kit took some time but my yorky has a new friend for life.🤣

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Catherine T.

Cute and very fun and challenging to build!

Lotte O.

In plaats van 2 yorkies nu 3 yorkies. Super leuk om te maken en om mee te pronken.❤

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