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Young minds enjoy this building toy more than mobile games.

Published on Sep 08, 2023 ‍

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Today's parents face a unique challenge.

Finding a balance between fostering growth and positive habits in our children while also letting them enjoy their favorite activities.

While technology has revolutionized education and connectivity, it has also eroded concentration, imagination, and creativity (1). Since 2020, children's average screen time has doubled, with the 5-10 age group experiencing a threefold increase (2).

Data chart of 0-18 year old children's screen time since 2020.

The goal? Help children choose real-world activities rather than mobile games.

Crafting Toys Are a Brilliant Gift Solution

For centuries, puzzles and construction toys have been the trusted companions of parents seeking to stimulate their children's minds (3). These toys not only engage young minds in problem-solving but also offer hours of pure delight.

However, traditional brain-teasers have their limitations:

  • Puzzles tend to limit thinking to two dimensions (2D).

  • Many construction sets can be challenging for beginner builders.

Kids assembling a puzzle and building construction toys

Here is where Build ’Em Pets (BEP) kits come in, revolutionizing the learning experience of kids and teens.

The Perfect Blend of Fun and Learning

Similar to LEGO sets, BEP models comprise a myriad of bricks that parents and children can assemble together.

But what sets BEP apart is the addition of screws, which enhance fine motor skills (4) and ensure the assembled creation stands the test of time.

Build 'Em Pets sets consist of bricks and screws that kids assemble together

Why Parents Are Raving About Build ’Em Pets

One remarkable feature of BEP models is their ability to bridge generational gaps.

These kits provide a thrilling and challenging experience that parents can enjoy alongside their children.

Loved By Thousands Across The World!

So happy i bought this set

"I bought this for myself and my two teens to build over Christmas break and it was so much fun! We did have to start over one time early on because we did not pay close enough attention, but after that we had no troubles.

- Ashlee B

While phones can be beneficial, many mobile games tend to offer quick doses of 'bad dopamine' for your child (5).

On the other hand, dedicating 10–20 hours to constructing something not only boosts attention span (6) but also provides a healthy dopamine and instills a sense of pride and achievement.

Adorable well made product!

"I was a little nervous ordering. Thought the price was a little high. However, after my son put it together we realized it is high quality, sturdy and very cute! Great Christmas gift!"

- Melissa R

Furthermore, the act of building pets or wildlife animals also nurtures a sense of appreciation for all living creatures.

So Cute!

"My daughter had to have her Dalmatian Diesel put to sleep. It was the hardest thing she’s had to do. Having this Build Em Pet took away some of the pain and will be a cute memorial to her best friend."

- Theresa

Creativity in Every Child

Creativity is a skill that can be honed over time.

The ages of 5 to 14 are the perfect window for enhancing 3D thinking, problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination (7, 8).

Daugher and mom assemble the gift building set

With BEP’s easy-to-follow manual, children have a guided path to mastery.

Parents can join in for the first model, but soon enough, your child will be building these models independently, fostering self-confidence and creativity.

How To Choose The Best Model

When selecting the ideal gift for kids or teens, there are two things to consider:

1. Age

BEP models come in two sizes - normal and large

  • For kids up to the age of 8, it’s advisable not to leave them building alone the normal-sized models, as the smaller bricks can pose a choking hazard.

  • Large models feature 2x times bigger bricks (at the same total count). That makes them better suited for younger builders.

Kids building toy that comes in two different brick size sets

2. Preference

  • If your family already has a beloved pet, or if your child has a favorite animal or dog breed, choosing a model that resembles it can be an excellent choice.

  • For those with a penchant for architectural marvels like Stonehenge or the Eiffel Tower, the monuments collection offers an exciting challenge.

Building toy gifts are great for decoration

A Special Gift From Us to You

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