8 Heartfelt Reasons Why Build 'Em Pets Sets Are the Perfect Christmas Gifts

13/09/23 | Jamie

1. A Creative Escape

Build 'Em Pets sets offers an unparalleled escape into a world of creativity and imagination. It's a way to temporarily disconnect from the digital world and immerse oneself in a tactile, rewarding experience.

"My 11 yr old granddaughter loves building sets that are challenging. It came out great! It looks just like their Bulldog, Buster…only, Buster is just a little “chunkier.” -Denise Y

2. It's Personal

The diverse range of breed options ensures that each set resonates on a personal level. Whether you're a dog lover, cat enthusiast, or wildlife admirer, there's a design that speaks directly to your heart.

"It’s a gift for my grandson. He loves Legos & he has a Golden. I can’t wait to see his reaction. Keep up the good work!" - Judith J

3. Artistic Flair

Beyond the fun of building, there's a genuine appreciation for the artistry behind each design. The intricate details and the reflection of each animal's unique charm make every set a masterpiece.

"My Son and Daughter In Law love this type of model building, and this made the perfect gift for them! It looks just like their new puppy. They loved building They were totally impressed with how sturdy the model is once it's built. This gift made the top of their Christmas wish list!" - Nancy L

4. Bonding Over Building

These sets are more than just individual projects. They offer an opportunity for families and friends to come together, bond, and create lasting memories

"I was a little nervous ordering. Thought the price was a little high. However, after my daughter put it together, we realized it is high quality, sturdy, and very cute! Great Christmas gift!" -Allison D

5. A Nostalgic Journey

There's an inherent warmth in building that evokes memories of simpler times. It's a blend of present joy and a throwback to cherished childhood moments.

"My daughter loved putting this together. She has been chipping away at it since Christmas. Can’t wait to get our new puppy that matches and take a picture of all three! 💜" -Amy A

6. Durability and Quality

Each set is meticulously crafted to ensure longevity. It's not just about the joy of building but also the pride in displaying a well-made piece.

"I got four dogs for my girls. Lol. They are in their 50s, yet they love their crafts. This was a major hit as each girl had a particular dog to make. Christmas was a hit" - Joyce B

7. A Gift for All Ages

Build 'Em Pets sets defy age boundaries. They're designed for kids, adults, beginners, and seasoned builders alike, ensuring that everyone finds their perfect match.

"This was a Christmas gift. It was perfect! I could select the color to match our 12-year-old dog, came on time, easy instructions. My 21-year-old son loved it." - Ashlee B

8. They Won't Expect It

Pet kits are a brand new concept and are not well known yet in our western world. This is the perfect opportunity to surprise your loved one with a gift that’s truly unique!

"This was a Christmas gift. It was perfect! I could select the color to match our 12-year-old dog, came on time, easy instructions. My 21-year-old son loved it." - Ashlee B

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Great Christmas Gift!

I bought this as a gift last Christmas and my daughters boyfriend loved it! It looks just like his cat. It is so great that the pieces are held together, after all the work of putting it together, not having the fear of it falling and breaking apart is a relief! I believe he took his time with completing it but loved watching the piece come to life. I just ordered another for my other daughters birthday, she just got a hamster and the tan model you have is a perfect match, I know she will love it! I would definitely recommend for a unique gift. Now a days everyone has everything they want and need and if they don't they just order it up online. This is truly a timeless gift for any pet lover in your life.

- Theresa

A Builders Dream!

"I bought this for myself and my two teen daughters to build over Christmas break and it was so much fun! We did have to start over one time early on because we did not pay close enough attention, but after that we had no troubles. We chose the smaller version and it's the size of our Cavalier when she was a puppy- so cute! She now sits on our fireplace hearth."

- Ashlee B

A great gift hubby loved it and love the result

I bought this for my husband for Christmas, we too, a couple of days making the doggie. I say we, I only sort of helped, we love the finished dog ! We have a golden cocker covered in fur and totally bonkers, this build em dog is a lovely representation of her. It was a great project, challenging but the instructions were clear and doable !

- Kate M

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