7 Reasons Why LEGO Enthusiasts

Are Loving These New Dog Kit Concept!

Here's why these alternative brick-built dog kits have become beloved among LEGO enthusiasts

30/08/23 | Jamie

1. A Breed for Everyone

From the playful Labrador Retriever to the elegant Dachshund, these sets offer a variety of popular dog breeds in stunning detail. Large breeds, small breeds, you're bound to find a brick-built pup that captures your heart.

The first kits of their kind!

2. Lifelike Replication

Our designers have gone to great lengths to ensure that each dog model closely resembles its real-life counterpart. This level of authenticity in the sculpting and coloring is a true testament to the love and care we have for dogs.

3. Versatility in Display

These dog kits aren't just for play; they're also perfect for display. LEGO fans appreciate the versatility these kits offer, whether as charming additions to their existing collections or standalone pieces that command attention. Their realistic appearances make them ideal for showcasing on shelves, desks, or in custom-built scenes

4. A Creative Challenge

Building these dog kits provides a creative challenge that LEGO enthusiasts relish. The intricate designs and unique brick arrangements offer an engaging construction process. Whether you're a seasoned builder or just starting out, these sets provide a satisfying and enjoyable build.

5. Unique Brick Concept

Our innovative bricks come equipped with a special inlock technology featuring holes for screws that securely fasten the bricks together. This means your meticulously crafted models stay firmly intact, even in the face of accidental falls or bumps, offering a level of durability that LEGO kits can't match.

6. Color & Posture Options

Beyond just different breeds, these kits also come in a range of color options. This diversity allows builders to select their preferred color variation for a specific breed or even get creative by mixing and matching colors to create unique and eye-catching dog companions.

7. Unique Collectible Appeal

These dog kits have quickly become sought-after items in the pet collectible community. With a growing variety of breeds and styles, these brick-built dogs offer an appealing collectible aspect, enticing enthusiasts to acquire and display them with pride in their home or office.

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