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Lego Batman Dog

Batman is undoubtedly one of the most popular superhero characters known around the world. You all know that Batman is often accompanied by his trusted sidekick, Robin. However, the lesser-known accomplice of Batman is his dog, commonly known as the Bat hound. This character was nearly forgotten until revived by Lego. Many people have come to know about this character and are referring to it as the Lego Batman Dog.

Lego has been one of the most popular toy developers for a few decades now. Their innovation always brings a smile to kids' faces. Over the past few years, they have been focusing on reviving forgotten comic book characters, and the Lego Batman Dog is the most prominent among them.

The actual name of the character is Lego Ace the Bat hound. If you have never heard of the character, it's not your fault. The character of Ace the Bat hound was introduced in the early editions of the Batman comics, but was scarcely mentioned after the '60s. Therefore, any memory of this character was erased from the reader's minds. But thankfully, Lego Ace the Bat hound has given a rebirth to this loved character.

Lego batman dog

Lego Batman Dog - A complete guide

As you may have guessed already, Lego's new product has sparked interest among the customers, and everyone is looking for the Lego Batman Dog. There are numerous variations of sets available for this toy. Lego Ace the Bat hound Set is getting more popular among kids.

So, let's look at the newest superhero we are going to get from Lego. Lego Ace, the Bathound Set, is based on a popular but underrated character from the Batman comics. This dog was rescued by the superheroes, Batman and Robin, and became their partner ever since. The hound has a specially elevated sense of smell, which makes it the perfect tracker. It also wears a mask similar to Batman to hide its real identity and a special collar that emits a signal whenever needed.                                                                                

The character has appeared in many popular Batman adventures, and its sense of smell and tracking has helped its master nab many criminals like the Talon assassins. The Bat dog Lego Set is perfectly designed according to your favorite character with the mask and the collar, and also a special cape. If you want a cool addition to your Lego Batman set, you have the perfect item.

Lego Batman Bat Hound - What you should know

Before buying the latest product from Lego, it is obvious that you will need to know more about the product. As mentioned earlier, the set is based on a character that appeared in the Batman comics in the early days and was recently revived by various cartoons and comic issues.

Lego ace the bathound set

The name of the character, a hound, was Ace. He used to work for a character known as the Black Wolf. After the death of its owner, who used to help Batman track criminals, he was adopted by Bruce Wayne. Ace used to live in the Bat cave and also helped Batman out in different cases, using his sense of smell for tracking criminals.

The main source of the popularity of Ace the Bat hound is the adventures he shared with Krypto the Super Dog. Ace has his costume designed so that criminals can never know his and Batman's real identities. Ace's collar had a special transmitter that sent out signals whenever needed. Batman used Ace on many of his cases where his sense of smell was necessary for tracking down criminals.

Lego Ace the Bathound Set

The important fact here is that over the years, there have been many different iterations of Ace the Bat hound in comics and on television. The Batman Beyond series had a different origin story of the Bat hound. According to this version, Ace was a dog used for illegal dog fights. He escaped and saved Bruce Wayne from an attack. Thereafter, he became partner of Batman in fighting crimes.

Since there are many versions of this story, there are also different appearances of the character. But the most popular appearance is from the Krypto the Super Dog series, and that is the one used in the Lego Ace the Bat hound Set.

Batdog Lego Set

Lego introduced the latest superhero in the form of the Bat dog Lego Set. But Lego has always been a place of imagination, so there is never a lack of opportunities to create new adventures with the Lego sets. The same can be said for the new Lego Batman Dog.

There is a complete line-up of new adventure sets that have provisions for using Lego Ace the Bat hound. The most popular set-up among these are perhaps the 'Attack of the Talons'. It is based on one of the most popular stories featuring Batman and the Bat dog. The whole set-up is made for using different Lego Batman figures like the Bat mobile, Batman, and Ace the Bat hound.

Batdog Lego Set

The set is now available for purchase on different websites. You can purchase the whole set of adventures, which will include Ace among them, or there are options for buying the Ace the Bat hound figurine separately. But it is recommended that you choose the different Bat dog Lego Sets available since you get extra components that will make your playtime much more enjoyable.

There are a few sets available also featuring Krypto the Super Dog, so if you are in the mood for some team-up action, you can choose these sets. The latest Bat mobile sets from Lego has an added cockpit for fitting the Lego Ace the Bat hound Set. Now, you can make awesome set-ups on the Bat mobile, which features Batman, the Bat dog, and even Robin.

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