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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Our Build 'Em Pets collections are not made with LEGOs. Our collections use bricks with patented InLock technology that protects your masterpiece from breaking apart.

Our bricks interlock just like LEGO bricks, and the additional screws (InLock) are entirely optional. We'd advise you to use it for the whole experience and extra protection when the sculpture is completed.

Our LEGO collection and Custom LEGO service are made with brand new LEGO bricks.

Our Build 'Em Pets collections are pre-manufactured and cannot be altered by us.

We advise using our Colored brick sets for customization at home.

Alternatively, you can check out our Custom LEGO Service, where we will make a 1:1 replica of your favorite pet.

Our building kits will include everything you need to finish the design

There are many breeds (and mixed breeds) out there, and we, unfortunately, cannot produce them all.

This is why we've introduced our Custom Lego Service as a potential solution. We'll make a 1:1 replica of your favorite pet and create a LEGO building kit. Complete with revisions, instructions, and brand new LEGO parts.

All our building kits come with InLock Technology, except for:

  • LEGO Collection
  • Custom LEGO Building Kit
  • Cartoon Dogs & Cats
  • Wooden Puzzles

Our InLock Technology is optional! This means that you can build any of our building kits without using the screws.

We recommend our building kits for ages 12+

We did see some amazing children build one who were younger though :)

If parts of a set are missing, please send us a message with your order number or contact us by our live chat. 

We are always looking for the fastest delivery times available. To speed up the delivery time for some orders, we sometimes decide to ship items from different warehouses. This makes items arrive separately. Don't worry, the rest of the order is coming.

you can find information about shipping here

Any other questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our live chat or email. Our email is:

All kits have an online manual. Our Lego collection is the only collection that does not have a visual manual.


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